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Clara sweet onion petals in oil with carrots


A harmonious pairing of the crunchiness of the carrot and the sweetness of Clara

Carrots are superfoods in the kitchen. Rich in Beta-carotene, in fact, it helps to protect skin and eyesight and is good for the heart. This spring version of Clara is ideal for those who are looking for simple but at the same time healthy and tasty pairings.

The 245 g glass jars (drained 190 g), must be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat sources. Once opened store in the refrigerator and consume the product within a month.

Onions, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar  (sulphites), salt, sugar.

Average nutritional values (per 100 g drained product)

  1. Energy value: 715 Kj – 171 Kcal
  2. Fats of which saturated fatty acids: 13.86 g – 1.66 g
  3. Carbohydrates of which sugars: 10.80 g – 7.77 g
  4. Fibre: 1.54 g
  5. Protein: 0.72 g
  6. Salt: 2.73 g
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Usage suggestions

Sweet onion petals in oil with carrots are excellent with cheese as well as to be used as a “pinzimonio”, or in fresh salads.

Complete your aperitif

Discover the surprising and unique taste of artisan products based on Clara sweet onion. Enjoy a delicious aperitif: tickle your palate and amaze your guests.

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